Hello, We are Silkbox..

We are a Full Service Creative Agency based in Abuja and we love designing great stuff.

We are Silkbox, a full service Creative, Digital and Media agency located in Abuja, Nigeria. We help brands, businesses and organizations become more visible, offering a full range of creative services for startups, existing companies and corporations that are looking to be ahead of their competitions

What we Do...

Our Services

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the Key to Creating a Unique Brand Identity, At Silkbox, we help brands effectively engage their audience through UI/UX, web & graphic design,vital content strategies,visual storytelling, targeted content/engaging platforms that promote the unique voice of your brand.


Creativity is our DNA , Giving brands visual amplification through web and print is our passion. “We love the smell of ink on paper”. We’ve got an eye for detail and beautiful things and we understand the effective role print plays within the marketing mix.

Brand Identity

We get to the heart of your organisation: business objectives, products, services, markets, competitors, audience and audience needs.This understanding guides our design concepts and the development of your brand.

Consulting & Strategy

Everything starts with strategy. For us, it’s imperative to understand the “why” before we do the “what”. We believe in research, strategy and planning: the power of good thinking. Good thinking helps you link the needs and goals of your audience to your own business and communication objectives.

Web & Mobile

At SilkBox, we understand the functionality of your website, it’s not just about how good your website looks, but how easy it works. A great website can lead to your next client, sale or partnership, so it is important that we help you get it right.

Digital Marketing

With social media, one size never fits all. We can advise how, and if, social media is right for you.“Like it or not there’s no place like home”, we provide intelligent, lucid, and authoritative filter for the overwhelming flood of information and content on any media channel.

We’re approachable and fun to work with but also absolutely focused on getting the job done right with results you can measure and share. We think we could work with any client, startups, large organizations or businesses as excellence tends to be our forte.


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